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mediastreamer2 is a GPL licensed library to make audio and video real-time streaming and processing.
Written in pure C, it is based upon the oRTP library.

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There seems to be some additional mediastreamer2 plugins (discovered via debian.tar.xz by Debian VoIP Team):

Debian Sid seems to intend to build these packages:

  • mediastreamer2-plugin-opencore-amr
  • mediastreamer2-plugin-openh264 (builds on OBS Build Service)
  • mediastreamer2-plugin-webrtc
  • mediastreamer2-plugin-x264 (builds on OBS Build Service)
  • mediastreamer2-plugin-msqogl (builds on OBS Build Service)
  • mediastreamer2-plugin-codec2

Link to search "mediastreamer2-plugin-" in Debian Sid

Link to search "mediastreamer2-plugin-" in openSUSE Software Catalogue

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