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A powerful and lightweighted streaming engine specialized for voice/video telephony applications.

It is the library that is responsible for all the receiving and sending of multimedia streams in linphone, including voice/video capture, encoding and decoding, and rendering.

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fix-build-ffmpeg5.patch 0000007040 6.88 KB
fix-srtp2-linphone.patch 0000001019 1019 Bytes
mediastreamer2-5.2.98.tar.bz2 0022838677 21.8 MB
mediastreamer2-fix-pkgconfig.patch 0000000611 611 Bytes
mediastreamer2.changes 0000027336 26.7 KB
mediastreamer2.spec 0000006401 6.25 KB
set_current_version.patch 0000000403 403 Bytes
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FTBFFS due to

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thanks @dimstar ! Anything I should do on my side? Or will it simply auto-rebuild at some point?

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Nope... Bug was fixed, package build fine again

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