Telephony Software of all kinds

If your software speaks SS7, ISDN, IAX, RTP, SRTP, Jingle, H.323, H.324, H.325, MGCP or SIP then it probably belongs in here.

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It is not easily possible to sr links. I recreated the link.

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Please add a link for broadvoice16 from multimedia:libs. I need such package for mediastreamer2

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Or you could make network:telephony its home project (there is nothing else that is likely to use broadvoice, right?)

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I followed the rules and put broadvoice16 and broadvoice32 in the project that is the central place for audio codecs (multimedia:libs). I need only broadvoice16 for mediastreamer2. However, if I have to move broadvoice16 and broadvoice32 in network:telephony, please tell me if there is a simpler way to do it beside deleting the packages from multimedia:libs and resubmit them in network:telephony

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Rules are there to be bent. osc sr --cleanup multimedia:libs/broadvoice16 network:telephony would still work since it's not in Factory yet.

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jengelh: could you add the 15.4 armv7l port (openSUSE:Leap:15.4:ARM) as a build target? I'm looking to run asterisk on an older RPI (assuming ofc eveything required builds for the arch)

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