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Firmware Test Suite

The FirmWare Test Suite (fwts) is a tool to do automatic testing of a PC's firmware. There can be a lot of subtle or vexing Linux Kernel/firmware issues caused when firmware is buggy, so it's useful to have a tool that can automatically check for common BIOS and ACPI errors. Where possible the tool will give some form of advice on how to fix issues or workaround firmware issues.

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_service 0000000607 607 Bytes almost 2 years
_servicedata 0000000228 228 Bytes over 1 year
fwts-21.09.00.obscpio 0021268493 20.3 MB over 1 year
fwts-fix-non-acpi.patch 0000001153 1.13 KB about 2 years
fwts-no-compiletime.patch 0000000469 469 Bytes about 2 years
fwts.changes 0000062673 61.2 KB over 1 year
fwts.obsinfo 0000000097 97 Bytes over 1 year
fwts.spec 0000003044 2.97 KB over 1 year
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