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Database-independent schema objects


DBIx::DBSchema objects are collections of DBIx::DBSchema::Table objects and
represent a database schema.

This module implements an OO-interface to database schemas. Using this module,
you can create a database schema with an OO Perl interface. You can read the
schema from an existing database. You can save the schema to disk and restore
it in a different process. You can write SQL CREATE statements statements for
different databases from a single source. In recent versions, you can transform
one schema to another, adding any necessary new columns and tables (and, as of
0.33, indices).

Currently supported databases are MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Sybase and
Oracle drivers are partially implemented. DBIx::DBSchema will attempt to use
generic SQL syntax for other databases. Assistance adding support for other
databases is welcomed. See DBIx::DBSchema::DBD, "Driver Writer's Guide and Base

Ivan Kohler

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