OBS Source Service to download, verify and vendor Go module dependency sources

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Using go.mod and go.sum distributed with a Go application, the obs-service-go_modules service calls go mod download, go mod verify and go mod vendor. The service then creates vendor.tar.gz containing the vendor/ directory populated by go mod vendor, allowing Go application package builds without network access during the build stage.

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jordimassaguerpla wrote

SUPER!!! Thanks for this package!

Which "dependency resolution softwares" "supports"? I mean, if I use go get, do this work? Or how do you get the list of the modules that need to go into the vendor directory?

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jfkw wrote

The service extracts the full application source to read go.mod and go.sum contained in the application root. It then uses the online source service phase to download all Go modules in the transitive set of dependencies. Finally it creates a vendor.tar.gz containing all dependencies imported by the Go application and its test code.

During the offline build phase the Go application .spec references vendor.tar.gz as a source, and go build and related commands pass argument go build -mod=vendor or set environment variable GOFLAGS=-mod=vendor. Other Go tools to explore or graph dependencies in the offline build phase should be usable with these vendored dependencies.

There is documentation in the README and manpage that covers the above in more detail. Issues and feature requests welcome at https://github.com/openSUSE/obs-service-go_modules.

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