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Involved Projects and Packages

BorgBackup is a deduplicating archiver which stores deltas. It
supports compression and authenticated encryption as well,
facilitating frequent backups and storing to not fully trusted


NOTE: Automatically created during Factory devel project migration by admin.

libConfuse is a configuration file parser library, licensed under the terms of the LGPL, and written in C. It supports sections and (lists of) values (strings, integers, floats, booleans or other sections), as well as some other features (such as single/double-quoted strings, environment variable expansion,
functions and nested include statements). It makes it very easy to add configuration file capability to a program using a simple API.

The goal of libConfuse is not to be the configuration file parser library with a gazillion of features. Instead, it aims to be easy to use and quick to
integrate with your code. libConfuse was called libcfg before, but was changed to not confuse with other similar libraries.

Martin Hedenfalk
Josh Myer

Zim aims at bringing the concept of a wiki to your desktop. For example
every page is saved as a text file with wiki markup. Pages can contain
links to other pages, and are saved automatically. Creating a new page
is as easy as linking to a non-exiting page. This tool is intended to
keep track of TODO lists or serve as a personal scratch book.


LibTMCG is a C++ library for creating secure and fair online card
games. The library contains a sort of useful classes, algorithms,
and high-level protocols to support an application programmer in
writing such software. The most remarkable feature is the absence
of a trusted third party (TTP), i.e. neither a central game server
nor trusted hardware components are necessary. Thus, with the present
library there is no need for an independent referee, because the
applied protocols provide a basic level of confidentiality and
fairness by itself. Consequently, the library is well-suited for
peer-to-peer (P2P) environments where no TTP is available. Of
course, we cannot avoid that malicious players share information
about their private cards, but the protocols ensure that the shuffle
of the deck is performed randomly (presumed that at least one player
is honest) and thus the cards will be distributed uniformly among
the players. Further, no coalition can learn the private cards of a
player against his will (except for trivial conclusions). The
corresponding cryptographic problem, actually called Mental Poker, has
been studied since 1979 (Shamir, Rivest, and Adleman) by many authors.
LibTMCG provides the first practical implementation of such protocols.

The implementation relies on advanced cryptographic techniques---the
so-called zero-knowledge proofs. Using these building blocks the high
level protocols minimize the effect of coalitions and preserve the
confidentiality of the players' strategy, i.e. the players are not
required to reveal their cards at the end of the game to show that
they did not cheat.

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wpa_supplicant is an implementation of the WPA Supplicant component,
i.e., the part that runs in the client stations. It implements key
negotiation with a WPA Authenticator and it controls the roaming and
IEEE 802.11 authentication/association of the wlan driver.


A minimalistic SSH server which implements only a subset of SSHv2 features

urlwatch is intended to help you watch URLs and get notified (via email or in your terminal) of any changes. The change notification will include the URL that has changed and a unified diff of what has changed.

The script supports the use of a filtering hook function to strip trivially-varying elements of a webpage.

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