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Thu Dec 22 18:56:42 UTC 2022 - Florian "spirit" <>

- Update to version 0.4.3:
  * Fix Issue #330 and PR#324: PrivateUsers=false needed in systemd
    stubby.service file for stubby to start. Thanks Archcan and Petr
    PR #323: Reduce log messages when interface is offline. Thanks
	Russ Bubley and Andre Heider

Wed Sep  7 19:42:15 UTC 2022 - Florian "spirit" <>

- Update to version 0.4.2:
  * Fix Issue #320: Stubby doesn't start without "log_level" entry.
    Thanks Johnny S. Lee

- Changes from version 0.4.1:
  * Several updates to the servers in the config file:
     * sinodun.dnsovertls*.com servers are removed and will be
       decommissioned in the near future. This leaves only the server as the default.
       A recommendation is made that users choose additional servers
       from the list available.
     * Additional Quad9 servers added (thanks pataquets).
     * LDN servers removed as the service is now stopped.
     * Tidy up of remaining server data.
     * Change `comment` lines on Uncensored server data to more
       clearly be comments (not valid YAML)
     * Fix and improve descriptions of default values
     * DoT servers liston on port 443 now too
  * Fixes for parsing of quoted key values for `tls-ca-file`,
    `tls-curves-list` and `resolvconf`
  * Add Dockerfile into `contrib` - thanks to pataquets.
  * Strengthen version checking for LibIDN2 during the cmake step so
    LibIDN2 version 2.3.3 can be properly found (thanks jpbion).
  * Updated systemd/stubby.service file. Thanks Bruno Pagani
  * log level configurable in config file with log_level setting
    Command line setting (with -v or -l) overrules the config file

- Upstream didn't relase a GPG signature for the current version.
  Dropped signature check for now.

Wed May  4 12:55:40 UTC 2022 - Marcus Rueckert <>

-  make all BR single entry

Sat Jul 24 13:11:38 UTC 2021 - Florian <>

- Initial packaging of version 0.4.0
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