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Wed Apr 10 15:57:59 UTC 2024 - Matthias Bach <>

- Fix package build on Tumbleweed and 15.6 stumbling over changed
  documentation install directories.

Thu Aug 10 20:47:12 UTC 2023 - Wolfgang Rosenauer <>

- pkgconfig(libunbound) started failing
  BuildRequire unbound-devel explicitely

Thu Dec 22 18:52:36 UTC 2022 - Florian "spirit" <>

- Update to version 1.7.3:
  * PR #532: Increase CMake required version 3.5 -> 3.20, because we
    need cmake_path for Absolute paths in pkg-config (See Issue #517)
    Thanks Gabriel Ganne
  * Updated to Stubby 0.4.3 quickfix release

Wed Sep  7 19:10:58 UTC 2022 - Florian "spirit" <>

- Update to version 1.7.2:
  * Updated to Stubby 0.4.2 quickfix release

- Changes from version 1.7.1:
  * Always send the `dot` ALPN when using DoT
  * Strengthen version determination for Libidn2 during cmake
    processing (thanks jpbion).
  * Fix for issue in UDP stream selection in case of timeouts.
    Thanks Shikha Sharma
  * Fix using asterisk in ipstr for any address. Thanks uzlonewolf.
  * Issue stubby#295: rdata not correctly written for validation for
    certain RR type. Also, set default built type to RelWithDebInfo
	and expose CFLAGS via GETDNS_BUILD_CFLAGS define and via
  * Issue #524: Bug fixes from submodules' upstream?
    Thanks Johnnyslee
  * Issue #517: Allow Absolute path CMAKE_INSTALL_{INCLUDE,LIB}DIR in
    pkg-config files. Thanks Alex Shpilkin
  * Issue #512: Update to show correct PGP key location.
    Thanks Katze Prior.

Wed May  4 18:29:30 UTC 2022 - Florian "spirit" <>

- Dropped libeconf0 workarround as it doesn't seem to be needed
- Ran spec-cleaner 

Sat Jul 24 11:02:08 UTC 2021 - Florian "sp1rit" <>

- Update to version 1.7.0
  * Make TLS Handshake timeout max 4/5th of timeout for the query,
    just like connection setup timeout was, so fallback transport
    have a chance too when TCP connection setup is less well
    detectable (as with TCP_FASTOPEN on MacOS).
  * Issue #466: Memory leak with retrying queries (for examples
    with search paths). Thanks doublez13.
  * Issue #480: Handling of strptime when Cross compiling with CMake.
    A new option to FORCE_COMPAT_STRPTIME (default disabled) will
    (when disabled) make cmake assume the target platform has a POSIX
    compatible strptime when cross-compiling.
  * Setting of the number of milliseconds send data may remain
    unacknowledged by the peer in a TCP connection (when supported 
    by the OS) with getdns_context_set_tcp_send_timeout()
    Thanks maciejsszmigiero.
  * Issue #497: Fix typo in CMAKE included files, so Stubby can use
    TLS v1.3 with chipersuites options ON. Thanks har-riz.
  * Basic name compression on server replied messages. Thanks amialkow!
    This alleviates (but might not completely resolve) issues #495 and
    #320 .
  * Eventloop extensions back to the old names libgetdns_ext_event,
    libgetdns_ext_ev and libgetdns_ext_uv.
  * Compilation warning fixes. Thanks Andreas!
  + Version 1.6.0
    * Issues #457, #458, #461: New symbols with libnettle >= 3.4.
      Thanks hanvinke & kometchtech for testing & reporting.
    * Issue #432: answer_ipv4_address and answer_ipv6_address in reply
      and response dicts.
    * Issue #430: Record and guard UDP max payload size with servers.
    * Issue #407: Run only offline-tests option with:
      src/test/tpkg/ (only with git checkouts).
    * Issue #175: Include the packet the stub resolver sent to  the
      upstream the call_reporting dict. Thanks Tom Pusateri
    * Issue #169: Build eventloop support libraries if event libraries
      are available. Thanks Tom Pusateri

- Rewrote spec file
- Removed stubby subpackage, as it is now a seperate package.

Fri May 10 19:09:27 UTC 2019 - Andreas Schneider <>

- Do not overwrite the stubby config file

Mon Apr 15 10:51:16 UTC 2019 - Wolfgang Rosenauer <>

- Update to version 1.5.2
  * experimental support for GnuTLS >= 3.5.0 as replacement for
  * support TCP Fast Open when possible
  * bugfix for DNSSEC scheduling
  * includes stubby version 0.2.6

Tue Feb 19 09:18:40 UTC 2019 - Andreas Schneider <>

- Update to version 1.5.1
  o getdns changelog:
    * 2019-01-11: Version 1.5.1
      x PR #414: remove TLS13 ciphers from cipher_list, but
        only when SSL_CTX_set_ciphersuites is available.
        Thanks Bruno Pagani
      x Issue #415: Filter out #defines etc. when creating
        symbols file.  Thanks Zero King

    * 2018-12-21: Version 1.5.0
      x RFE getdnsapi/stubby#121 log re-instantiating TLS
        upstreams (because they reached tls_backoff_time) at
        log level 4 (WARNING)
      x GETDNS_RESPSTATUS_NO_NAME for NODATA answers too
      x ZONEMD rr-type
      x getdns_query queries for addresses when a query name
        without a type is given.
      x RFE #408: Fetching of trust anchors will be retried
        after failure, after a certain backoff time. The time
        can be configured with
      x RFE #408: A "dnssec" extension that requires DNSSEC
        verification.  When this extension is set, Indeterminate
        DNSSEC status will not be returned.
      x Issue #410: Unspecified ownership of get_api_information()
      x Fix for DNSSEC bug in finding most specific key when
        trust anchor proves non-existance of one of the labels
        along the authentication chain other than the non-
        existance of a DS record on a zonecut.
      x Enhancement getdnsapi/stubby#56 & getdnsapi/stubby#130:
        Configurable minimum and maximum TLS versions with
        getdns_context_set_tls_min_version() and
        getdns_context_set_tls_max_version() functions and
        tls_min_version and tls_max_version configuration parameters
        for upstreams.
      x Configurable TLS1.3 ciphersuites with the
        getdns_context_set_tls_ciphersuites() function and
        tls_ciphersuites config parameter for upstreams.
      x Bugfix in upstream string configurations: tls_cipher_list and
      x Bugfix finding signer for validating NSEC and NSEC3s, which
        caused trouble with the partly tracing DNSSEC from the root
        up, introduced in 1.4.2.  Thanks Philip Homburg

  o Stubby ChangeLog
    * 2019-01-11: Version 0.2.5
     x RFE getdnsapi/getdns#408: Document trust_anchors_backoff_time
       in stubby.yml.example. Thanks Jonathan Underwood
     x RFE #148: Document tls_ciphersuites, tls_cipher_list, tls_min_version
       and tls_max_version in stubby.yml.example. Thanks Jonathan Underwood
     x RFE #149: Added Google Public DNS to stubby.yml.example.
       Thanks Bruno Pagani

    * 2018-12-21: Version 0.2.4
     x DNSSEC required with dnssec extension in example config
     x Removed the yeti servers from stubby.yml.example
     x Added the Foundation RESTENA servers in stubby.yml.example
     x Bugfix: only start Stubby when network is up
       Thanks Bruno Pagani

- Removed stubby.service file (provided by the tarball now)

Tue Feb 19 09:05:25 UTC 2019 - Andreas Schneider <>

- Package stubby service
- Added stubby.service file

Sat Oct  7 08:24:44 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.2.0
  * Built-in DNSSEC trust-anchor management:
    Zero configuration DNSSEC
  * Better TLS upstream failure management, more resilient to transient
    connectivity loss and laptop "sleeps" etc.
  * An updated version of Stubby (0.1.3) with YAML configuration files.
    (not shipped in the package)
- removed obsolete stub-fixes.diff

Thu Aug  3 08:02:00 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.1.2
  * this release introduces a single new feature: the ability to
    register a callback function that will fire when certain
    subsystems have a log message of a certain severity
  * bugfix release
  * This version comes with the DNS Privacy stub resolver Stubby.
    Stubby encrypts DNS queries sent from a client machine
    (desktop or laptop) to a DNS Privacy resolver increasing end user
    NOTE: stubby is not included in this package at this moment!
  * This release implements the "December 2015" specification of
    the API. With the exception of namespaces (i.e. mDNS), everything
    in the API specification is implemented in this release
- added stub-fixes.diff to fix a crash

Sat Sep 17 08:03:34 UTC 2016 -

- initial package

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