File cpu_test-disable-test.patch of Package libgav1

This test runs some dubious processor-counting code
which tries to read some things from /sys which fails on arm
(likely due to the builders running on an aarch64 kernel)
--- a/src/utils/
+++ b/src/utils/
@@ -238,7 +238,6 @@
   ASSERT_NE(num_cpus, 0);
   LIBGAV1_DLOG(INFO, "There are %d cores online.", num_cpus);
   const int num_performance_cpus = GetNumberOfPerformanceCoresOnline();
-  ASSERT_NE(num_performance_cpus, 0);
   LIBGAV1_DLOG(INFO, "There are %d performance cores online.",
 #endif  // defined(__linux__)
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