File kernel-binary-conflicts of Package kernel-source

# List of old packages not compatible with this kernel
# The kernel cannot be installed without overriding the dependency
# Listing the packages here means that OBS cannot see them and will start the
# build and only fail at install check. On the other hand the message from
# install check is much more intelligible than 'package has conflict' reported
# by OBS.
# <package> <accepatable version>

# dead network if installed on SLES10, otherwise it will work (mostly)
sysfsutils 2.0
apparmor-profiles 2.1.0
apparmor-parser 2.3
# root-lvm only works with newer udevs
udev 118
lvm2 2.02.33
# Interface to hv_kvp_daemon changed
hyper-v 4
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