A massively scalable cloud operating system. This project is only a container and includes the following sub-projects:

Cloud:OpenStack:Factory - The current stable version for openSUSE (openSUSE:Factory devel project)
Cloud:OpenStack:Master - Latest packaged upstream version and bleeding-edge development
Cloud:OpenStack:Train - The OpenStack Train release
Cloud:OpenStack:Stein - The OpenStack Stein release
Cloud:OpenStack:Rocky - The OpenStack Rocky release
Cloud:OpenStack:Queens - The OpenStack Queens release - EOL
Cloud:OpenStack:Pike - The OpenStack Pike release
Cloud:OpenStack:Ocata - The OpenStack Ocata release - EOL
Cloud:OpenStack:Newton - The OpenStack Newton release
Cloud:OpenStack:Mitaka - The OpenStack Mitaka release EOL
Cloud:OpenStack:Liberty - The OpenStack Liberty release EOL
Cloud:OpenStack:Kilo - The OpenStack Kilo release - EOL
Cloud:OpenStack:Juno - The OpenStack Juno release - EOL
Cloud:OpenStack:Icehouse - The OpenStack Icehouse release - EOL
Cloud:OpenStack:Havana - The OpenStack Havana release - EOL
Cloud:OpenStack:Grizzly - The OpenStack Grizzly release - EOL
Cloud:OpenStack:Folsom - The OpenStack Folsom release - EOL
Cloud:OpenStack:Essex - The OpenStack Essex release - EOL

There is also Cloud:OpenStack:Upstream:Master (and other subprojects under Cloud:OpenStack:Upstream). These packages are automatically generated from the RPM-packaging project (see
Some further links that may be of interest:

OpenStack project:
OpenStack releases:
SUSE Cloud product:

This project does not contain any packages

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The first occurrence of Cloud:OpenStack:Ocata is likely a copy/paste error and should be Cloud:OpenStack:Pike linked here:

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OBS is full of messed up python-oslo.messaging builds again:

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