Security update for virtualbox

This update for virtualbox fixes the following issues:

Version bump to 6.1.28 (released October 19 2021 by Oracle)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

- VMM: Fixed guru meditation while booting nested-guests accessing debug registers under certain conditions
- UI: Bug fixes for touchpad-based scrolling
- VMSVGA: Fixed VM black screen issue on first resize after restoring from saved state (bug #20067)
- VMSVGA: Fixed display corruption on Linux Mint (bug #20513)
- Storage: Fixed a possible write error under certain circumstances when using VHD images (bug #20512)
- Network: Multiple updates in virtio-net device support
- Network: Disconnecting cable in saved VM state now is handled properly by virtio-net
- Network: More administrative control over network ranges, see user manual
- NAT: Fixed not rejecting TFTP requests with absolute pathnames (bug #20589)
- Audio: Fixed VM session aborting after PC hibernation (bug #20516)
- Audio: Fixed setting the line-in volume of the HDA emulation on modern Linux guests
- Audio: Fixed resuming playback of the AC'97 emulation while a snapshot has been taken
- API: Added bindings support for Python 3.9 (bug #20252)
- API: Fixed rare hang of VM when changing settings at runtime
- Linux host: Improved kernel modules installation detection which prevents unnecessary modules rebuild
- Host Services: Shared Clipboard: Prevent guest clipboard reset when clipboard sharing is disabled (bug #20487)
- Host Services: Shared Clipboard over VRDP: Fixed to continue working when guest service reconnects to host (bug #20366)
- Host Services: Shared Clipboard over VRDP: Fixed preventing remote RDP client to hang when guest has no clipboard data to report
- Linux Host and Guest: Introduced initial support for kernels 5.14 and 5.15
- Linux Host and Guest: Introduced initial support for RHEL 8.5 kernel
- Windows Guest: Introduced Windows 11 guest support, including unattended installation
- Fixes CVE-2021-35538, CVE-2021-35545, CVE-2021-35540, CVE-2021-35542, and CVE-2021-2475 (boo#1191869)

- Use kernel_module_directory macro for kernel modules (boo#1191526)
- Finish UsrMerge for VirtualBox components (boo#1191104).

Fixed bugs
virtualbox: finish UsrMerge, install to /usr
VUL-0: CVE-2021-35538: virtualbox: Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - October 2021
virtualbox:kmp fails to build: Directory not found: .../lib/modules/5.14.10-1-default
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