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SSH-based configuration management, deployment, and task execution system


Ansible is a radically simple model-driven configuration management, multi-node
deployment, and remote task execution system. Ansible works over SSH and does
not require any software or daemons to be installed on remote nodes. Extension
modules can be written in any language and are transferred to managed machines

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ansible-2.9.27.tar.gz.sha 0000000088 88 Bytes over 1 year
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Sebastian Wagner's avatar

sebix wrote 10 months ago

Is something blocking an update of the ansible version? The current ansible-lint package requires ansible >= 2.12 which was already released November 2021.

Johannes Kastl's avatar

ojkastl_buildservice wrote 9 months ago

Actually you are only partially right.

The "normal" ansible stayed at 2.9.x. There was a ansible-base package for 2.10.x. This removes lots of content that needs to be installed via collections. For 2.11 this was renamed to ansible-core.

I am currently trying to properly package those (or rather try to get them building first and then make them nice) here: https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/home:ojkastl_buildservice:Branch_systemsmanagement

Not sure if it would be a good idea to have two packages, like "ansible and ansible-core" or "ansible-legacy 2.9.x and ansible (core, the new one) 2.12", but I guess this comes after I get them building at all...

Sebastian Wagner's avatar

sebix wrote 9 months ago

Ah, good to know. Thanks for your efforts! If you need help at some point, please let me know, I may find some spare time to join efforts.

Johannes Kastl's avatar

ojkastl_buildservice wrote 3 months ago

This package can now be deleted, as a newer (and maintained) version is in systemsmanagement:ansible.

I'll delete this in a week, unless there are objections...

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