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Web GUI for squidGuard and SquidClamav administration


SquidGuard Manager is a Perl CGI Web GUI for squidGuard and SquidClamav
administration. It allow full administration of SquidGuard blocklist and ACLs.
You can also manage graphicaly your SquidClamav configuration.

This program support all configurations directives of SquidGuard and
SquidClamav without intrusive modification, i-e you can still edit the
configuration files by hand before and after using SquidGuard Manager.

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Source Files
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squid_wrapper 0000000069 69 Bytes almost 5 years
squidguardmgr-1.14.tar.bz2 0000126569 124 KB almost 8 years
squidguardmgr.changes 0000002103 2.05 KB about 4 years
squidguardmgr.http 0000000530 530 Bytes almost 8 years
squidguardmgr.spec 0000003247 3.17 KB about 4 years
squidguardmgr.sudoers 0000000135 135 Bytes about 4 years
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