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GNU Data Language

A free IDL (Interactive Data Language) compatible incremental compiler
(ie. runs IDL programs). IDL is a registered trademark of Research
Systems Inc.

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gdl-1.0.4.tar.gz 0033128395 31.6 MB
gdl-antlr-static.patch 0000000650 650 Bytes
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whereami-20230908.tar.xz 0000071052 69.4 KB
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Sylwester Arabas's avatar

Hello, GDL 1.0.0 is available, it would be great to update this package which is over 4 year old and lack a great amount of features available in recent versions of GDL. Thanks, Sylwester

Matwey Kornilov's avatar

SRs are always welcome :-)

Ezequiel Pássaro's avatar

How can I start working on this package? I used OBS in the past but I never worked with someone's package.

Matwey Kornilov's avatar


Basically, you need to learn two steps. Branch the package (mind actions sidebar on the left). Then you will have your own copy of gdl-language and will be able to do everything with it: modify, build, install, etc. The second action is to Submit the changes back to this project (mind actions sidebar on the left). Then your modifications will be reviewed and merged into this package.

There is also some info:

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