A Gtk-based BDF Font Editor, Descendant of XmBDFed

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A Gtk-based bitmap font (BDF) editor, descendant of XmBDFed. It can
import PK/GF fonts, HBF fonts (Han Bitmap Font),Linux console fonts
(PSF, CP, FNT), Sun console fonts (vfont), Windows FON/FNT fonts,
TrueType fonts and collections, and X server fonts. It exports PSF and
HEX fonts and allows you to edit two- and four-bits-per-pixel grayscale

Mark Leisher

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gbdfed-1.6-new-gtk.patch 0000000516 516 Bytes
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gbdfed-1.6_64bit.patch 0000005244 5.12 KB
gbdfed-1.6_array-index.patch 0000000334 334 Bytes
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gbdfed.desktop 0000000115 115 Bytes
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gbdfed32x32.png 0000000275 275 Bytes
gbdfed48x48.png 0000000292 292 Bytes
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