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Debugging tool for pods and images

podman is a simple client only tool to help with debugging issues when daemons such as CRI runtime and the kubelet are not responding or failing. A shared API layer could be created to share code between the daemon and podman. podman does not require any daemon running. podman utilizes the same underlying components that crio uses i.e. containers/image, container/storage, oci-runtime-tool/generate, runc or any other OCI compatible runtime. podman shares state with crio and so has the capability to debug pods/images created by crio.

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0001-Revert-Default-missing-hostPort-to-containerPort-is-.patch 0000002712 2.65 KB about 2 months
0002-Make-the-priority-for-picking-the-storage-driver-con.patch 0000010800 10.5 KB 18 days
0003-Only-override-the-graphdriver-to-vfs-if-the-priority.patch 0000001696 1.66 KB 14 days
README.SUSE.SLES 0000000595 595 Bytes almost 3 years
_service 0000000580 580 Bytes 3 months
_servicedata 0000000238 238 Bytes 3 months
podman-4.3.1.tar.xz 0007652828 7.3 MB 2 months
podman.changes 0000333417 326 KB 14 days
podman.conf 0000000048 48 Bytes almost 3 years
podman.spec 0000008990 8.78 KB 14 days
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SShyukriev wrote over 3 years ago

Is it and option to show at least notification that /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid needs to include your user?


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