Phonon Backend using MPV Player(libmpv)

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This is a fork of phonon-vlc, rewritten to work with libmpv instead of
libVLC. libmpv supports less features than VLC but they are only
related to memory streams and audio/video dumps. This backend should be
a lightweight alternative to libVLC with less dependencies.

Source Files
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phonon-mpv-0.0.7.tar.gz 0000043187 42.2 KB
phonon4qt5-backend-mpv.changes 0000000774 774 Bytes
phonon4qt5-backend-mpv.spec 0000002129 2.08 KB
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Alexander Ahjolinna's avatar

there is a plasma6 version

Luigi Baldoni's avatar

I know, I'm working on it. Do you perhaps want to maintain it once I'm done?

Alexander Ahjolinna's avatar

sure as I might be using/testing it myself. Even if I have been cut down my work load on my repo as I moved to kalpa ...and if I get the fancy job I'm applying to ..then even more so (at least for awhile)

currently still having fun with testing out stuff with kalpa, like using systemdboot and having git version KDE :D

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