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Shared Libraries for the FOX Toolkit - Version 1.4


FOX is a C++-based library for graphical user interface development.

This is the stable version 1.4 needed by old packages like xfe.

FOX supports modern GUI features such as drag-and-drop, tooltips, tab
books, tree lists, icons, multiple document interfaces (MDI), timers,
idle processing, automatic GUI updating, as well as OpenGL/Mesa for 3D
graphics. Subclassing of basic FOX widgets allows for easy extension
beyond the built-in widgets by application writers.

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  • osc -A https://api.opensuse.org checkout X11:FOX/fox14 && cd $_
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Source Files
Filename Size Changed
fox-1.4.35-am111.patch 0000000265 265 Bytes over 13 years
fox-1.4.35.tar.bz2 0003575679 3.41 MB about 16 years
fox-1.4.35_AM_CFLAGS.patch 0000002818 2.75 KB about 16 years
fox-1.4.35_configure_pkg_config_xft.patch 0000000502 502 Bytes about 14 years
fox-1.4.35_configure_x11_extensions_header.patch 0000001661 1.62 KB about 16 years
fox14-remove_date_from_reswrap.patch 0000000541 541 Bytes over 10 years
fox14.changes 0000001215 1.19 KB almost 10 years
fox14.spec 0000006395 6.25 KB over 3 years
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