Score Editor with Extensive MIDI and MusiXTeX Functionality

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This package is based on the package 'noteedit' from project 'KDE:Backports'.

NoteEdit is a score editor based on the MIDI library TSE3. It can read
and write MIDI files and process events sent from an external MIDI
keyboard. The configured MIDI devices can be used to play the score.
The score can be saved as a MusiXTeX file for printout.

Jörg Anders

Source Files
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noteedit-2.8.0_uninitialized.patch 0000000297 297 Bytes
noteedit-2.8.1-compilefixes.patch 0000001279 1.25 KB
noteedit-2.8.1-desktop_file.patch 0000000811 811 Bytes
noteedit-2.8.1-header_protectors.patch 0000000963 963 Bytes
noteedit-2.8.1-undefined-code.patch 0000000396 396 Bytes
noteedit-2.8.1.tar.bz2 0002281990 2.18 MB
noteedit-2.8.1_gcc43_misc_fixes.patch 0000004145 4.05 KB
noteedit-2.8.1_uninitialized_variables.patch 0000000451 451 Bytes
noteedit.changes 0000009129 8.92 KB
noteedit.spec 0000003627 3.54 KB
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