FísicaLab is an educational application to solve physics problems

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The problems are setting adding elements from the palette to chalkboard, and writing the data of each element. The elements are objects as Blocks, Pulleys, Mobiles, Forces, ... . Use the SI and English systems, scientific notation and many conversion factors. The problems that can be solved with FísicaLab 0.1, are:
* Kinematics of particles (doesn't include circular motion).
* Static of particles in 2D.
* Dynamic of particles in 2D (doesn't include dynamic of circular motion).

The static and dynamic problems are entered constructing the free body diagrams of the objects. Although FísicaLab is easy and intuitive, we recommend you read the help files first before set any problem. You can access these files in the option menu Info -> Help.

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FísicaLab allows you to analyze the motion of particles, considering concepts such as displacement, fnf velocity, and acceleration. However, it does not include circular motion in this version.

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