Free cross-platform music score editor

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Canorus is a free music score editor. It supports note writing, scripting
support, import/export of various file formats, MIDI input and output and more!

Note that Canorus is still in early stage of development and not nearly all the
features are implemented yet!

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Source Files
Filename Size Changed
canorus-0.5-desktopfile.patch 0000000632 632 Bytes
canorus-0.7.2-DESTDIR.patch 0000001074 1.05 KB
canorus-0.7.3-gcc7.patch 0000003845 3.75 KB
canorus-0.7.3rc3.tar.bz2 0002157085 2.06 MB
canorus-rpmlintrc 0000000138 138 Bytes
canorus.1 0000000901 901 Bytes
canorus.changes 0000014959 14.6 KB
canorus.spec 0000004297 4.2 KB
canorus.xpm 0000006605 6.45 KB
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