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rungetty might be the getty you were looking for when you want to run any
program, not just login. If a different program than login is used it usually
is run as nobody:nogroup, or the user/group specified on the commandline.
rungetty can even be configured to autologin, under certain circumstances.
See the manual page for more information.

You have to change some lines in /etc/inittab for having any effect after
installing the package. rungetty is based on mingetty and therefore not
suitable for serial use.

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01_rungetty-remove_sys_errlist.patch 0000002037 1.99 KB about 1 year
02_rungetty-manpage.patch 0000002361 2.31 KB about 1 year
03_rungetty-disable_path.patch 0000000492 492 Bytes about 1 year
04_rungetty-use_signed_int.patch 0000000337 337 Bytes about 1 year
05_rungetty-missing-call-to-setgroups-before-setuid.patch 0000000747 747 Bytes about 1 year
06_rungetty-get_supplementary_groups_for_process.patch 0000000353 353 Bytes about 1 year
07_rungetty-allow_autologin-on-all-ttys.patch 0000000531 531 Bytes about 1 year
rungetty-1.2.tar.bz2 0000014667 14.3 KB over 14 years
rungetty.changes 0000001374 1.34 KB about 1 year
rungetty.spec 0000002278 2.22 KB about 1 year
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